Our Services

FM Management

Services - Project Management
Project Management

We provide all aspects of project management from Concept to Solution.

Services - Account Management and Site Operations
Account Management and Site Operations

We seamlessly manage accounts and site operations supporting our client’s core business, providing real time information on their assets.

Services - Helpdesk Services
Helpdesk Services

We operate around the clock, providing a call center dedicated to our client’s needs.

Services - CAFM

Our CAFM tool provides a secure, seamless flow of operational data available on demand to users across any location or project.

Services - Health and Safety Management
Health and Safety Management

We ensures that the highest standard of safety is always achieved to prevent damage to health, environments, adjacent structures, equipment and vehicles wherever we operate.

Services - Energy Management
Energy Management

We provide a range of services to reduce your energy consumption and save you money.

Hard Services

HVAC Maintenance
HVAC Maintenance

We provide technical maintenance for all HVAC Systems from district cooling, chillers to split units.

Plumbing Maintenance
Plumbing Maintenance

We maintain all forms of plumbing systems.

Mechanical Maintenance
Mechanical Maintenance

We maintain the full range of mechanical equipment and plant.

Services - Civil Works
Civil Works

We carry out all forms of civil and fit out works.

Electrical Maintenance
Electrical Maintenance

We provide electrical maintenance service for high, medium and low voltage electrical distribution systems.

Soft Services

Services - Cleaning

We create cleaning programs around the tempo of our client’s businesses. We use professional cleaning techniques and equipment to deliver the highest standards.

Services - Security

We keep your facility safe and secure. Our trained security professionals are experienced and well trained.

Services - Landscaping

Creating and maintaining external settings that enhance your business image.

Services - Pools

We provide pool maintenance services to any properties with pools, fountains and water features.

Services - Pest Control
Pest Control

Protecting your business from the impact of pests and the associated issues is our responsibility and concern.

Services - Waste Management
Waste Management

We are always innovative and demonstrate the highest degree of integrity; we adapt environmental friendly, green technologies and procedures while carrying out services to the clients.

some appetizing food from banquet table
Catering and Hospitality

Our professional team is on call to design solutions to suit your catering & hospitality requirements.

Services - Reception and Concierge
Reception and Concierge

We offer a range of front & back of house services to improve and add additional value to your working environment and experience for both your internal and external customers.